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About Us

Our Inspiration. Our Journey.

AutumNest.com exists to make your home life more fun and more comfortable, whether you are a collector of coffee/tea mugs, or flip flops, or you need some new blankets, or anything in between.

AutumNest was officially born in 2020. However, the idea behind AutumNest began many years ago. Of course it wasn't called AutumNest back then. It was called need, and trial and error (think e-commerce, reselling our used homeschool books and other things on eBay since 2005, selling Tupperware, [trying...lol] to sell life insurance, needing to set our own hours, raising children, etc).

It only takes one, right? One dream, one vision, one dramatic life event, whichs leads to another ... to AutumNest ... to ...

We are growing, and learning about the pod (print-on-demand) and dropshipping options that are available. 

AutumNest uses a variety of methods in the production/acquisition of the final products you see in our store. The designs on a large portion of our inventory began from photos taken by our graphics design team (think sky, tree, ant, some freehand drawings incorporated with photo media), while we also have added some ready-made products into our store; most of our ready-made items are produced in the USA, with a few from overseas. And sometimes we include [free-to-the-public] clipart in our designs.

It has been fun discovering all the possibilities! The dream continues ...

Come grow with us. And THANK YOU for being here. We are working hard to make your visit to our store as pleasant and seamless as possible. Let us know if you see something we overlooked. Also, we would appreciate it if you could leave a kind and generous review after your purchase, if we have succeeded in meeting your expectations.

ICIWAutumNest@gmail.com (or chat in store - lower right corner) if you can't find what you need.

**Our line is constantly evolving and expanding. To see the newest creations, click on the catalog/product page, then click "new" in the dropdown menu.

If you are a Redbubble fan, we also offer content on that platform. We are listed as AutumNest.redbubble.com