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"I ordered a blanket, mostly because I wanted to support the mission, but the blanket is so fabulously soft, warm, and beautiful, I plan to give them as gifts too!"

B. Fouts

"So I've been sick all week, and this gift of coziness that came in the mail today was the perfect remedy!!! Love it! I also love that, even more than the incredible beauty, softness, and coziness of the product, their mission is to empower the artisans who made them! Jump on board and support this beautiful company. You won't regret it."

N. Cheney

"The handle on the cat mug is a generous size; it fits all my large fingers comfortably. Imo, the print job is of top quality. Thanks ICIW!"


"I am very pleased with this blanket. It has a lovely design, is very soft, and is well-insulating. Good job ICIW!


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